Eyeglasses, Frames, Katy, TX

At Vision Masters, we take your vision seriously. We strive to help you obtain the very best eyesight possible by offering a wide selection of lens options that are thin, light, and scratch-resistant. Stop in and see us today!

Wide range of designers and manufacturers

The brand you choose can make a big difference in the way you see the world. We carry a wide range of designers and manufacturers so you’re sure to find the glasses that are just right for you.

Enjoy crisp, clear vision

Provide your eyes with the very best eyeglasses to ensure crisp, clear vision. We carry an extensive line of lenses that provide an unmatched combination of comfort, safety, and accuracy, plus they are cosmetically pleasing.

Eye glasses include:

  • Plastic, or CR-39 lenses
  • Polycarbonate lenses
  • High-index lenses
  • Aspheric design and high-index for plus lenses
  • Classic lenses
  • Progressive multi-focal lenses

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