Plastic lenses are relatively soft and are easily scratched if they don’t contain a scratch-resistant material. Reduce the likelihood of damaging scratches by allowing us to provide you with a high-quality scratch coating.

Personalized service

There’s no need to shop at one-size-fits-all eyeglass stores when you can shop with us! We proudly tailor our services to suit your needs and your budget.

UV coating

Don’t let the sun rays damage your eyes or sensitive outer-eye areas. We offer polycarbonate, high-index, photochromic, and polarized lenses that automatically contain UV protection.

Anti-reflective coating

AR coating is an extremely thin layer of film that eliminates reflections. This is a great choice for people who regularly drive at night or spend many hours staring at a computer screen.


  • Crizal Rocks & Sapphire HR
  • Clear True Blue Light Filters
  • Enhance Scratch Resistance

We also provide a variety of transition colors and coatings such as:

  • Transitions Gen 8
  • Mirror and Flash Mirror Enchantment
  • Xtractive Photochromic

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